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Where to buy Vinyl? Online Vinyl Shops / Online Crate Digging.

Kono Vidovic October 5, 2014 1375 2 5

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When i started to play music as a DJ way back in the day’s there was nothing more than Vinyl, that’s where i come from (i’m actually not that old 😉 I been through the whole digital / DJ revolution process and witnessed it all, these days I’m using the digital media as well, USB for me baby! But with my big vinyl collection and piles of records in the basement i still love vinyl.

Diggin’ for vinyl is not just buying music, it’s an experience!

Kono Vidovic

In the last decade i have seen how vinyl was trying to come back not because of the industry but because of the love from people for it. When we go way back in the day’s there were record stores abound. And with the arrival of the digital age those stores slowly disappeared. All of my favorite places, one by one disappeared, they all had to close down because most people where not interested in vinyl any more those who still are, started shopping for them online.

So through the years that followed there were always people with that interest in vinyl and vinyl sale and there were some places where you could buy them of course but slowly the rise of vinyl became bigger and other people started to notice that, everybody was talking about it that vinyl would come back. And now it’s back, not in that big amount like it used to, but these days there are a lot of places where you can buy vinyl.

More vinyl is being sold than ever before.

So with the Internet being bigger than ever, and the amount of online vinyl stores has grown insanely i wanted to list a few places just get you started and help you out in your search for good music on vinyl.

Of course there are so many more online store’s / webshops that sell records / LP’s where you can buy vinyl and find good vinyl sales. The one that i list here for you are my personal favorites where i have experience on and which are sophisticated shop’s with an easy to search and look design, a good service and up to date. 😉 Just make sure you have a vinyl player.

Let’s see what are some good places for your online crate diggin’.

Online Vinyl Shops, Where to buy your Vinyl? Online Crate Digging.

The name already say’s it, this shop has been around in the game for a long time. They have a lot different genres, specials, and 😉 hard to find records.

Is a german based shop, also in the game for quite a long time, i guess they were one of the first online vinyl shops, with also a very big big collection of different genres, but mostly dedicated to the electronic music this is definitely a good shop to find your loved vinyl.

Also from Germany, not that big as the two here above, but they also have a decent collection of electronic music, next to vinyl they also sell CD’s a little bit of equipment and some fashion stuff.

Definitely one of the bigger players in the game, Juno has been around for some time, with their digital download platform www.junodownload.com where they sell a lot of digital music and i probably Beatport’s biggest competitor in the game they where here a long time before with their www.juno.co.uk webshop where they sell a lot a very lot! Of vinyl, equipment they have a lot of studio and dj gear. but also a big big catalogue of vinyl, and that’s why you came here right? this is def on of my favorites.

Discogs actually started out as a music database, a place to find all the necessary info about all the music in the world, info like: when a particular track was released, who were the producers, artists names but also the real names and the names behind the artists, you can also see how often and on which label a track was released. Next to that it also became a marketplace, You can register there and keep and track your collection of music there, this is a great feature to run and update your vinyl database and from that point you can easily sell and or buy music from other people.

We all know Ebay, and we know that you can but there really everything, second hand or new. But did you also know that it is a very very good place to find records? With my big pile of records i tried to sell a record one time at Ebay just to see where it went, the record was rare and it was an old gabber / hardcore track from back in the day’s it wasn’t actually a very good track but it was rare. so i decided to put it on Ebay, in two days i sold the record for € 40,- (euro’s) that was about € 30,- more than i paid for it back in the day when i bought it in a shop. Crazy he? If you are looking for that rare special vinyl consider Ebay to search on, but just remember that you need some cash 😉

For now these are some of the shop’s i know and use, there are some more which i left out not because they are not good enough but i did not wanted to make an incredible long list, these online vinyl record stores / shop listed here above are very good and they have a lot of good vinyl. and if you are looking for some good vinyl recommendations just watch for our articles about music that also gets released on vinyl and some on vinyl only, you can always use the search field on the top of the page.

I hope you like the article and that it has helped you out in your search for online vinyl. Feel free to share your passion for vinyl beneath in the comments section or come to our facebook page to talk about it over there.

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