Wor’king – Love That EP – Free Download.

After checking my mail box and replied on a few mails today i decided that it was time for another free download for you today. So with that in mind i stumbled on this guy who calls him self Wor’king, which is a cool name but SEO technic it is not ๐Ÿ˜‰ but who cares they guy seems to produce some great music and that deserves some more exposure.

Wor’king – Love That EP

Wor’king is giving away an entire EP, his latest work called Wor’king – Love That EP is available as a free download. On the EP are 5 free tracks. It ranges from and is best described as, a mixture between Nu Disco, Future House and Future RnB elements. It’s definitely grooving and sounds very fresh to me, something you will hear more of in this year. I would place his sound in the direction of FKJ, Future Classicย and consorts, it’s very funky and discofied but again very from the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click the links right here for a grab of free downloads.

Wor’king – Romance (My personal favorite track of the EP.)

Wor’king – Number One (Together with the first track def my 2 favorites)

Wor’king – Love Date (Probably the track that moves me the less of all)

Wor’king – Superbad (Very funky and discofied)

Wor’king – Love Me (A future house track)ย 

I think we will hear a lot more of this Talented producer from Paris, Wor’king is working on great tracks as we can hear and if the mass pickes him up, which will definately happen if he keeps this game up. He will be a big producer in the coming years.

And to end with another very cool free download from Wor’king and the one that grabbed my attention in the first place. If it was’nt for this track i would have not checked the rest of his stuff out ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another Freebie.

Grab it right here.ย Wor’king – Together

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