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Would You Like To See All My Thoughts & Deep Feelings Missing You in Buenos Aires | Dirty Disco 385

Kono Vidovic December 7, 2020 308 10 5

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A new episode with a title that may yet again confuse you, so let me explain. As mentioned in these previous music episodes 383 and 384 right here. This week’s music blog title refers once again to the names of the EP’s, albums and tracks featured in the music playlist selection in Dirty Disco 385.

Would You Like To See All My Thoughts & Deep Feelings, Missing You In Buenos Aires.

In terms of how to title each weekly music episode I tried a lot of things to make every episode more search and findable online. It makes sense and sounds like a logic thing to do to simply use the brand name with the episode number. But i found that search engines don’t support you too much when you do so. Since my episodes and supporting blogs here on the website are never about just one subject it’s hard to focus on that and making up a fitting blog title is hard.

A new title approach.

Therefore I’m trying this new approach of using several track, EP and album names in the title in a way it still makes sense and somehow even contributes to the overall feeling that comes with it.

To make you a bit more understand here comes the detailed analysis of this week’s music blog title: Would You Like To See All My Thoughts & Deep Feelings Missing You In Buenos Aires.

Would You Like To See, refers to the new collaborating EP on frequently showcased music label: Shall Not Fade Records. And is produced by often played DJ’s and producers Ruff Stuff and Black Loops.

Then the second part: All My Thoughts, refers to the first All My Thoughts Vol 001 various artists compilation that carries the same name as the label: All My Thoughts itself which is the label from Seb Wildblood.

Deep Feeling is taken from the new EP by Monstergetdown – Deep Feeling EP on Understated Recordings and which is a sort of debut into Deep House by Monstergetdown who is more known for his progressive electro sound on Mau5trap. The label is run by the legendary Deadmau5 (deadmouse).

Missing You, is on it’s own pointing towards the new EP by Pandar & Harry Oscillate on Rhythm Department Records, where i’m featuring the dope track: Time To Bump from.

Last but not least there is: ‘Buenos Aires‘ which is the latest outing on the Valencian based and often supported label: theBasement Discos. The German duo Decent Rides released their Buenos Aires EP on the label where I’m playing the track: Random Kindness from.

Even though I used many new releases in this week’s music blog title there is so much more coming at you in this week’s music show. Before we look at all of the contents I want to present to you.


Spherephonic, with an exclusive Dirty Disco guestmix.

Yes, that’s right! Our big Belgian friend Steph Couvreur a.k.a. DJ and producer Spherephonic is back again with another exclusive mix selection for Dirty Disco. This is not the first time he joined our mix sessions and is a very welcome guest here in the show. More from Spherephonic can be found here and here in episode 242, and in this episode.

Main contents of Dirty Disco 385.

  • 24 tracks selected by me and our guest Spherephonic in a dope 2 hour mix session.
  • 1 new must-have album release on the All My Thoughts label.
  • 4 (forthcoming) promo releases on the time of writing and recordings this week’s music episode.
  • 4 new vinyl releases.
  • 1 exclusive guest mix from 1 hour by our guest DJ Spherephonic.
  • The full mix but without my presentation is available as the ‘DJ only mix‘ here.


Since we have a guest DJ in this week’s Dirty Disco 385 podcast episode, I separated the tracklist into two sections so you can more easily see what is played when and by who. Enjoy the music show and let us know what you think by leaving feedback here on our website or through one of your favorite music listening platforms.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateVinyl?
NauxRosé, Terrasses & Db DriveNau YorkLisztomaniaEP27-11-20
MonstergetdownWho Done ItDeep FeelingUnderstated RecordingsEP4-12-20
Stan BoogieLose Your Mind (Timbhai Remix)Lose My Mindsync recordsEP23-10-20
Decent RidesRandom KindnessBuenos AirestheBasement DiscosEP27-11-20
Pandar & Harry OscillateTime To BumpMissing YouRhythm Department RecordsEP20-11-20
AguilaFor Small RoomsAll My Thoughts Vol 001All My ThoughtsAlbum26-11-20
DjokoSolarisDoppellebenTalman RecordsEP30-12-2012”
MonstergetdownHouse MeDeep FeelingUnderstated RecordingsEP4-12-20
Ruff StuffNervaturWould You Like To SeeShall Not FadeEP15-12-2012”
Traumer90 StigPortableInfuseEP8-12-2012”
Ruff StuffB+B+A+BWould You Like To SeeShall Not FadeEP15-12-2012”

Exclusive guest mix session by Spherephonic | Playlist.

ArtistTrack titleLabel
9th HouseShimmerShall Not Fade
Michael GrayMacArthur Park (Michael Gray Classic Mix)Sultra Records
TovarEverybodySo Sound Recordings
A Bunch Of GuysFilthy RhodesDirt Crew
Conan Liquid Presents The Crates Motel CollectiveGotta ScratchTropical Disco Records
Vincent CairaFlip The ScriptRobsoul
Per QXIt ain’t Over Ft Jocelyn BrownUrbana Recordings
Felipe GordonThe Bacata ExtrapolationShall Not Fade
Dam SwindleCoffee In The MorningHeist Recordings
Randy CrawfordWishing On A Star (Mousse T’s VersionPeppermint Jam
Frankie KnucklesYour Love (Alan Dixon “Love Attack” Remix)SoSure Music
Louie VegaVega 3Nite Grooves

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