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Do you remember your first time? – Dirty Disco 322

Kono Vidovic September 23, 2019 508

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Do you remember your first time? The first time you fell in love? Or the first time you went to a club? The first time you didn’t want the night to come to an end? Or the very first time you tuned into Dirty Disco? Well if this is your first time, i would love to say welcome to you and having you here in this musical journey is my pleasure. My name is Kono Vidovic and every week i host a new 2 hour mixed and curated electronic music podcast.

Your first time?

Feel free to become a part of the Dirty Disco community and share the positive vibes, great music and happiness with me and all the other listeners. You can do that by going to the official Facebook page. But also by becoming a Mixcloud Select member which gives you the ability to support the show and the played music directly. If you want to do a one-time donation, that’s also possible and very much appreciated. Let me and the electronic music community know what you think about Dirty Disco, what your favorite tracks are, and if this is your first time? 😉

Dirty Disco Podcast Episode 322.

Last weeks show can be found here onder the name ‘Summer of Love‘ episode 321. This week i curated 21 new electronic dance music tracks. 17 of them are available on vinyl as a 12”. Here are a few of the labels i’m featuring this weeks music from: Rutilance Recordings, Clueless Music, De La Groove, Monologues Records, SB Jamz and DFTD.

Like always expect a combined sound from deep disco house with a touch of soul, funk, groove and jazz. Slowly but steady we build the set up to a bit more housy vibes with tracks from Scott Diaz, Ortella and Man Without A Clue. 

Feel free to make use of the track-list here below. Or use our Spotify playlist here.

Dirty Disco 322 playlist.

  1. Jus Jam – Escape From the Hood
  2. Sofatalk – A Sparkling Day
  3. Chevals – Left Behind
  4. Pontchartrain – Don’t Change It Up
  5. Art Of Tones – So Sweet
  6. GODDARD – Almasti
  7. Max Telear – Dysfunction
  8. Ortella – Suck My Deep
  9. Maxime Alexander – BSA Freestyle #1 (Ft $hakes
  10. Love Ensemble – Mid 90’s
  11. Ortella – This Beat
  12. Love Ensemble – Royal Wedding
  13. Love Ensemble – Space Thoughts
  14. Cody Currie & Joel Holmes – As of Yet
  15. 2XM – Gentle Ft Neil Macleod
  16. Kristy Harper – Uncle Jungle
  17. Paxton Fettel – Music Music Music
  18. Scott Diaz – A Quiet Love
  19. Man Without A Clue Ft Lee Wilson – Do You Dance (MWAC Funky Dub)
  20. Catz ‘n Dogz – Force
  21. Ortella – What Your Nem

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