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Kono Vidovic December 10, 2018 428

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Here we are, at the same place, same time, just a different week with a new weekly selection in electronic music. Like every week, i bring you the according to me most essential tracks released in the last couple of week’s and months. Every weekly selection in electronic music covers new releases, forthcoming tracks and our track of the week from now on described as ‘Play’.

Dirty Disco Radio 285.

That’s right you just read that our weekly track of the week is now titled as ‘Play’ More about this weeks play can be found further ahead in this blogpost and music episode update. Next to ‘Play’ I will highlight other albums / EP’s as well. And i would like to offer you customized DJ mixes. First things first, let us start with this week’s highlights.

Weekly selection in electronic music.

Wether you are a DJ or just an music lover. Every week you can tune in with me to get a hold on the latest releases. In every episode i select between 20 and 30 tracks that become this week’s essentials. I will mix this weekly selection in electronic music in a 2 hour DJ mix, that by the way is also available as a ‘DJ Only Mix’ e-mail me for a link. Within this selection that has been made from over 100 other tracks that i really dig. I curate a Play of the week, and i highlight / feature other EP’s and Albums in my blogpost on my website right here.

Felipe Gordon - Deep Fried Banana

Felipe Gordon – Deep Fried Banana.

A very often heard name in our show is electronic music producer Felipe Gordon. Felipe always delivers music that we really dig and find perfectly for Dirty Disco. Even though Deep Fried Banana EP has been released in July this year. We still want to mention it in our highlights. I haven’t played it before and this time i came across it once more, so i decided to play it for you in this weeks music podcast.

By the way i really love deep fried bananas. 😉 You should try them with Satay sauce. (If you don’t know what Satay sauce is, you should come to The Netherlands.

This EP includes 5 tracks, 4 originals and 1 remix on the main title track ‘Deep Fried Banana’ The other tracks Groove 37, 707 Banger, Fighting Momios With Acid & Jazz, are also very dope and play worthy. My love really goes out the the Last Trip To Gandahar Remix on Deep Fried Banana. Therefor i included it in this weeks essential selection. The EP is available as 12” through Juno.

Prequel - Without You

Prequel – Without You.

This EP has been released on the Distant Hawaii imprint and includes 4 very beautiful tracks. Which can be categorized and described as Jazzy Deep Electronica with Broken House Beat elements. All tracks are very suitable for in a DJ set. But also perfect for listening pleasure. As a DJ you can use these tracks as set openers, or as closers, but more perfectly for the DJ’s that need music to create moods in restaurants and on terraces, for example in Ibiza or Zrcé Beach (Croatia) When you are enjoying the sunshine while you are having a cooling drink. No matter if you prefer Digital, Stream or 12” / Vinyl. The release is available on all music formats.

Habits Various Artist Album - weekly selection in electronic music

Habits – Various Artists Compilation.

Our Play of the week comes from the new Habits Deep House album. Which is a various artists compilation album released on the Valby Rotary label. If you are in search for a proper Deep House Album, with easy to listen to tunes. This is it! The album contains 8 tracks from Deep Electronic Music producers like: Tom VR, Jeigo and Louf. Unfortunately i couldn’t find the 12” release and i don’t know if there even is one. If you know more than me, please let me know about the 12”. As long as i can’t find it, i suppose there isn’t a 12” release. But that’s fine, you can still get this release in a high quality digital music format and through streams on the several music services out there.

Play (of the week).

Our Play of this week, also comes from the Habits various artist compilation on Valby Rotary, and is from upcoming electronic music producer Louf, with the track ‘Newington’. So why did i chose Newington as this weeks play? I figured after last weeks Play, what was more an electronica track. This week it’s time for a real smooth Deep House track. Newington is just all that, the elements producer Louf combined in this production are very sublime and subtle. Everything works very well together to create a real laid-back Deep House groover, with dreamy elements which could easily be used in a tech house set or deep house DJ set as a bridge to a more uplifting part of the DJ set.

The subtle Deep House synth stabs in combination with the vocal stabs, the pads, drum pattern and other FX elements make this a real dope deep house track. Listen to it, and grab it here on the full Habits album.

Customized DJ Mixes.

What do you think about a customized DJ mix, exclusive for you? I have been walking around with this idea for a long time, and i want to try it out on you first. This works as following and can be done for both businesses as private persons. Let me explain how this could work for you as a a private person / listener of Dirty Disco. Based on your wishes, musical taste and other elements i can create a personalized customized DJ mix for you.

All you need to do, is send me an e-mail with a list of 10, 15 or it might be even 20 tracks that you would like to have in the mix. And i will create it for you. You don’t need to do anything else than just sending me a list with the tracks and of course pay me for it. 😉 I will buy the music, make the complete DJ mix, and send it over to you. So you can do whatever you wish with it. You can keep it for yourself or share it with your friends, it’s all up to you.

You can also leave the track selection up to me, and just tell me for what kind of occasion you want a mix, in which genre(s) and the total length of the mix. These customized DJ mixes, can also be done for businesses to reach your target audience through branded music. I’m working on a full concept for a proper business model. But until then i want to try this out with some of the early adopters for this new project. Music is a great way for business to reach their target audience, and or as a part of their branding. Mixed and curated playlists that fit your business are perfect for this. So if you want a customized DJ mix for your-self or as a business just get in touch with me to discuss things further.

Track-list Dirty Disco 285.

Artist Track title EP / Album
Prequel The Song I Said I’d Make For You Without You (EP)
Felipe Gordon Deep Fried Banana (The Last Trip To Gandahar Remix) Deep Fried Banana (EP)
Felipe Gordon Groove 37 Deep Fried Banana (EP)
Jesse Bru Uncle Frank Happiness Therapy Split Vol 2 (EP)
Jesse Bru Good Life Happiness Therapy Split Vol 2 (EP)
Tom VR xTrip Habits (VA Compilation Album)
Louf Newington Habits (VA Compilation Album)
Louf Hush Habits (VA Compilation Album)
Prequel And Though It’s Been Too Long Without You (EP)
Prequel People Say Without You (EP)
John Tejada 126 BPM Live Rhtm Trax
Peggy Gou It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (I Cube Remix) It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) Remixes (EP)
Rogiers Heart’s A Mess (Opolopo Remix) Heart’s A Mess (EP)
Girls of the Internet What Is A Man What Is A Man (EP)
Cassius W18 (William Djoko Remix) W18 Remixes (EP)
Mella Dee Club Vibe Exactly Mate (EP)
Mella Dee Out Of Love Exactly Mate (EP)
Mella Dee Passing Me By Exactly Mate (EP)
Juxta Position Five Four Piano Failsafe 05

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