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Zopelar’s Top 10 Influential Tracks: A Dive into Brazil’s Electrifying Soundscape.

Kono Vidovic September 25, 2023 94 5

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Zopelar is a producer DJ and lived performer from Sao Paulo, who has built a reputation for himself on the Brazilian electronic scene. Signed to the Rome based Sounds Familiar artist agency, Zopelar is part of the Familiar Sounds Volume 2 compilation which is out now.  Here we ask this vibrant and versatile producer to talk us through ten tracks that have influenced his musical journey.

Zopelar interview

1. Hermeto Pascoal – Tacho (mixing pot)

Discovering the music of Hermeto Pascoal was a key motivation for me to move out of my countryside hometown. I left to study music and be able to make contact with others that were into the same kind of acts and sounds.

2. Azymuth – Despertar

Moving to Rio the first time made me go deep into the Brazilian instrumental scene. This helped to make me get to know the music of Azymuth. Never thought that years later I would have the chance to play and compose with the legendary Ivan Conti “Mamão”(RIP).  At the same time, I was just discovering club sounds and was about to start producing my own music and DJing.

3. Emperor Machine – RimRamRamRim

I remember that Emperor Machine was something that blew my mind during my introduction to dance music in 2009.  And for sure it was responsible for my obsession with analog synths and drum machines. At this point I just had a computer and some midi keys, so when I first bought my Juno 106, I was definitely trying to craft the analog sounds I’d heard in those records. Also “DC recordings” discography in general is a big part of my early influences. 

4. Teto Preto – Gasolina

This track marks a period I collaborated with the live group “Teto Preto”, which I worked as a producer and keyboard player for almost 5 years. It was an important mark for the São Paulo independent scene and also a powerful political act. Today this video piece is part of the collection of MASP, the museum of art of São Paulo. 

5. Steven Julien – Fallen

This track was also a dividing point in my musical journey being introduced to Apron Records. Steve’s visions made me reconnect with my roots and find out my early influences of Brazilian instrumental music.  So funky and made me want to go back to a more organic approach in my productions.

6. My Girlfriend – Modal

This is one my favorite works so far. My first EP on Apron Records with the mysterious project “My Girlfriend”, which is a collab between me and Benjamin Sallum.  

7. Zopelar – Brasilidade

Another favorite work from myself. Quite lowkey, out by Apron on cassette tape format and digital. Listen to the full album: “Joy of missing out”.

8. Zopelar – Process of Change 

That’s the intro to my LP- Universo that was released in 2021 during the pandemic. Marks a new period that I moved to the house and studio that I live in now. 

9. L’Homme Statue – Do Not Tell Me 

An important highlight for me is my work with the amazing artist Loic Koutana. Together we play and release music as “L’Homme Statue”. While doing other projects, I always try to take it as a completely new thing, like a great opportunity to do stuff that I never did before, and this project has its own soul. We are regularly touring Brazil and Europe with this show.

10. Zopelar – Arapuca

That’s my first collaboration with Sounds Familiar label, which I’m very hyped to be part. This track connects a lot with my roots. At the end there’s a weird trombone “wah wah” solo played by Bica Tocalino, former band mate on Teto Preto Back in the day.

End Conclusion.

Zopelar’s musical journey is both fascinating and deeply rooted in the Brazilian soundscape. From his early encounters with legendary acts to collaborations with emerging talents, his influences are a testament to his expansive and dynamic approach to music. If this playlist has intrigued your auditory senses, then you’re in for a treat! Dive deeper into the world of Zopelar and other incredible artists by checking out the “Familiar Sounds Volume 2” compilation on vinyl. Don’t miss out on this chance to add an exquisite piece to your collection. Discover it now on Sounds Familiar Store!

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